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Expert Services

Services to Medical and Dental Professionals

Tax Preparation:

  • Expertise with Doctors and the IRS.
  • Creative and knowledgeable about deductions:
                Automobiles - lease vs. purchase
                Telephone expenses
                Travel and entertainment
                Conventions and Board meetings
                Corporate credit cards


  • Finance new or existing practices through our extensive bank contacts.
  • Finance new partner buy-ins and dissolutions.
  • Set-up lines of credit for working capital or receivable financing.
  • Negotiate new equipment purchases or leases.

Practice Incorporations:

  • Filing of all forms and issuing of stock
  • Buy-Sell agreements
  • Non-Compete agreements

Professional Practice Management:

  • Set-up books and records
  • Set-up payroll systems
  • Maintain bookkeeping system
  • Payment of practice expenses

We represent the following medical and dental specialties:

OB-GYN       Surgeons       Internists
Family Practice       Dentists       Optometrists

Services to Real Estate Professionals

Tax Preparation:

  • Expertise with Real Estate Developers
  • Creative and knowledgeable about deductions:
                Depreciation Segregation
                Capitalization of Amortization costs and expenses
                Expense Deductions


  • Contacts with Banks and Financial Insitutions
  • Preparation of Required Financial Statements


  • Experience in the proper entity selection for Real Estate projects
  • Filing of all required forms and registrations